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Terms and conditions

Please consider the following terms and conditions of our dogwalker & catsitter services.

  • Pet care at dogwalker & catsitter:

    We offer our customers a temporary care for dogs and cats.

    Our service involves 3 ways of care:

    • dogwalking: walking the dog and additional conditions agreed upon
    • dogsitting: full-time dog care with family connection (the dog is treated as part of the family) at our pet sitters’ accommodation
    • catsitting: agreed upon cat care conditions in the accommodation of the customer
  • What is the contract about?

    The customer closes the contract with the dogwalker & catsitter service, the managing director Elisabeth Nagelreiter.

    The contract contains among other things a checklist, where all the important information for the pet care is listed. For example, information about the vet of trust, information about the liability insurance of the pet or a free-wheel confirmation, if this is wished by the customer.

    After the conclusion of the contract the customer delivers the signed checklist to the pet sitter or sends it to the dogwalker & catsitter agency.

  • How does dogwalking work?

    The pet sitter picks up the dog from the customers’ accommodation and brings it back there after the walk.

    Additional conditions agreed upon like feeding, grooming etc. occurs in the customers’ accommodation.

    If there are additional conditions like visits at the vet, at the hairdresser or the pet obedience school, the pet sitter takes care of the transport and the given services on the customers’ name and bill.

    The customer is responsible for a safe escape way from the accommodation.

  • How does dogsitting work?

    The customer brings the dog to the dog sitter and picks him up there again after the final posting date. The pet will be integrated actively into the pet sitters’ family.

    The care of the pet takes place in the accommodation of the pet sitter, except the walks, visits at the vet and visits at the hairdresser.

    If the transport is executed by the pet sitter, we charge €13, - per hour plus the official kilometre allowance.

  • How does catsitting work?

    The pet sitter will do the conditions agreed upon like feeding, cleaning the litter box etc. in the accommodation of the customer.

    If there are additional conditions like visits at the vet or at the hairdresser the pet sitter takes care of the transport and the given services on the customers’ name and bill.

    In exceptional cases there can also be a fulltime cat care with family connection in the pet sitters’ accommodation (see dogsitting above).

  • Which pets are we not taking care of?

    We don’t take care of sick pets, also if the pets are affected by acarian and fleas.

    Other conditions of our pet care:

    • All necessary vaccinations are executed and up to date.
    • Flea and tick-protection is active.
    • Dogs are chipped and are registered with actual dates at Animal Data or XXX.
    • Dogs carry a collar with an identity disc including name and contact details of the pet owner.
    • The dog is covered by liability insurance.

    If there is a booked assignment and the pet gets sick or is not vaccinated, we can resign from the contract. In this case, we are allowed to charge a cancelation penalty of 50 % of the total amount of the assignment.

  • Are dogs allowed to walk off-leash?

    Our pet sitters walk the dogs on the leash, how it is required by law.

    If the customer wishes, the dogs can walk off-leash at proper places.

    We inform our customers about possible legal consequences. The customer hands a signed walk-free confirmation over to the pet sitter.

  • Who will be liable for damages during the walk?

    The customer provides all necessary things for the walk, like tear proof leash, collar or harness with an identity disc. The pet sitter uses these things properly.

    We are not liable for damages to persons or properties, also if the dog is allowed to walk off-leash through the customers’ wish and withdraws from the charge of the pet sitter during the walk and this was not predictable. This also applies for injuries of the dog.

    Furthermore, we are not liable for damages to persons or properties that occurred through a broken leash or other things or through the slip of the muzzle. This also applies for injuries of the dog.

  • Who will be liable for damages in the customers’ accommodation?

    We are not liable for damages that the pet causes in the customers’ accommodation.

    This also applies for contamination through the pet.

    The pet sitter is authorized to remove that contamination – but the pet sitter is not intended to (exception: litter box).

    We are allowed to charge the costumer for the expenditure of time for the cleaning work.

  • Who will be liable for damages in the pet sitters’ accommodation?

    The customer is liable for all damages caused through the pet, also in vehicles or in the pet sitters’ garden.

    This is also applied to rough contamination through the pet.

    We are allowed to charge the costumer for the clearance of damages or rough contamination.

  • What happens in case of emergency?

    In case of emergency, illness or parasite infestation of the pet, the pet sitter is allowed to consult a vet or the customers’ vet of trust. The customer has to pay the costs.

    With the signature of the contract the customers allows us the full authority to consult vets.

    Are there any cases of injuries, illness or death of the pet, we are not liable for this. Exception: There is guiltiness and roughly default by us.

  • How does the reward from our services work?

    The fee for the agreed pet care is due to the beginning of the charge. Extra costs, like transport, visits at the vet, cleaning services or other duties we will charge afterwards.

    Dogsitting charges are binding with the payment on account from a daily rate.

  • What happens if there is a cancellation of the dogsitting-charge?

    If there is a cancellation 6 to 2 weeks before the date, we charge 50 % of the contract value. If there is a later cancellation we charge 75 %.

    If there is a cancellation because of illness, we credit our customers the cancellation fee. Precondition: There is a booking alternative within the next 4 months.

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